James p connolly love and dating who is mike cammalleri dating

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Opposites Attract- Bonnie Dee Best Night Ever Series (Best Night Ever & Best Night Ever II- Never Again)- Keara Kevay Shadows Forge Series (Three Times A Hero, Trials on Tour, Retaking America, The Long Way Home)- Jena Galifany- series about a Rock Band I loved, loved, loved this one!I Am Nobody- Emma Hillman- book about a band M/F/M Gilded Cage- Alexandra Richland Groupies- Nico Servis Shadows Steal The Light- Christine London After Midnight- Sarah Grimm Apassionato- Erin M. So Lise, I very much can appreciate your sweet cliché! You know I’m all about authors helping authors – The Armageddon Chord is written by Jeremy Wagner and I can tell you he’s the real deal – we share many of the same rockstar “friends” and he’s a pretty fantastic and talented guy (and, let’s face it, he is a rockstar in his own right:)) His book is horror too, like The Devil’s Metal, and I think it’s a worthy addition to your list:

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I read SC Stephens Collision Course absolutely loved it . – 3 guys to choose from, the Rock Star, the tattooed bartender, and the sweet boyfriend Great list – need to up date you on the JP Kinkaid Chronicles, though.

Leaf- MMF- with paranormal aspects That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll- Ginny Michaels Rock and Roll Fantasy- Isabella Drake An Unlikely Pair- Carla Krae Irish Whiskey- Cricket Sawyer A Spark Before The Fire- Mima- there is also a book called Fire that is related to this one Rock ‘N’ Rolled- Angela Black The Death of Davy Moss- A Love Story- Kristine Kathryn Rusch Rock Hard Seduction Series- Tonya Ramagos- may be a duplicate there are four books in this series about a band She Thinks Her Ex Is Sexy- Joanne Rock Hells Music- Theresa Von Willegen The Bands All Here- Caitlin L.

Pompeo The Fake Boyfriend Experience- Stephanie Rowe Midnight Mirage- Willa Edwards Waking Maggie- Cindy Jacks Black Legacy- Juliana Stone Gun Shy- Seleste De Laney Follow Through- Nicole Glass The Green Room- Gwen Masters Downstroke- Desiree Holt The Sorcerer’s Song- Kiki Howell Okay ALL of these were purchased on my Nook so they are all e-books. Maryse I sure hope this pushes you well over 300!!!!

I will try and specify since I have a Kindle & Nook Color where I buy my books.

By the way, Incidental Happenstance I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!

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