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This includes a chapter in Vol 2 part 1 about the local churches beginning on page 856.See the wiki article for links to available copies and indexes.Auburn (township & city) Ball (township) Berlin (village) Buffalo (village) Buffalo Hart (township) Cantrall (village) Capital (township) Cartwright (township) Chatham (township & village) Clear Lake (township & village) Cooper (township) Cotton Hill (township) Curran (township) Dawson (village) Divernon (township & village) Fancy Creek (township) Gardner (township) Grandview (village) Illiopolis (township & village) Island Grove (township) Jerome (village) Lanesville (township) Leland Grove (city) Loami (township & village) Maxwell (township) Mechanicsburg (township & village) New Berlin (township & village)) Pawnee (township & village) Pleasant Plains (village) Riverton (village) Rochester (township & village) Sherman (village) Southern View (village) Spaulding (village) Springfield (city) Springfield (township) Talkington (township) Thayer (village) Williams (township) Williamsville (village) Woodside (township) Church records can give birth, death and marriage information as well as indictate family relationships.See Illinois state wiki article Church Records for more ideas about how to use church records in your research.

Database of Servitude and Emancipation Records (1722–1863) This database includes approximately 3,400 names found in governmental records involving the servitude and emancipation of Africans and, occasionally, Indians in the French and English eras of colonial Illinois (1722–1790) and African-Americans in the American period of Illinois (1790–1863).

IRAD records also include court case files (1870–1950), court dockets (1874–1895), a judegement index (1916–1926) among other court records.

As with the circuit court records, these are original records and are not on microfilm.

Available indexes to land records: Veterans Databases Courtesy of the Illinois State Archives.

Includes War of 1812, Indian Wars, Mexican War and various other databases.

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