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Brenna has been blogging and writing articles on implementing Play Therapy in Parenting since 2006.Brenna finished her Ph D from the University of South Florida in 2015, and re-opened her private practice in early 2016, seeing children from 3-14 and conducting parent training classes online and in-person.Adolescent rebellion and indifference is a part of life, but their actions will always speak louder than their words.Previous to becoming a full-time Mom, Brenna ran a highly successful Child Therapy Private Practice.Remember, teens cannot be forced to get into a car and go to therapy.So, if they agree to go on the first visit, begrudgingly or not, consider it a success. “This is a waste of time” or “I think this is stupid” is perfectly fine, as long as they continue to go.

When parents are interested in therapy for their teens to provide a neutral, objective party to help, it can be difficult to decide who can best deal with teen issues.They may also feel under pressure by their peers to take a look at porn too.They might be feeling curious if they hear their friends talking about what they saw and want to take a look themselves.Many children’s therapists will not treat adolescents (they are too old and unmoldable) and many adult therapists will not either (they are too young and volatile).What does that mean for a parent trying to find a good-fit therapist for their teenager?

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