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He continues to date Millie until his progress level with her reaches 35-40%, at which point she invites him into the house and gives him a keycard; She is aware of his plan, and assumes that she will be getting a cut.After the heist is successfully pulled off, she phones CJ and requests a share of the cut from the casino heist, which he agrees to.Millie Bobby Brown remembers her first kiss like it was yesterday — but in case she forgets the milestone moment, there’s 250 other people who can jog her memory, plus camera footage.At the age of 11, Brown auditioned for the role of Eleven on the Netflix drama fantasy.To say that she is literally living the dream would be a huge understatement.We have been following her success closely and honestly LOVE how she and her new Hollywood besties, Maddie Ziegler and Grace Vander Waal, have become the new up-and-coming girl squad! ) We mean, did you see how fierce they looked when they came out together to present at the Teen Choice Awards?! As crazy as it is that it’s already October, we’re totally okay with it if it means that we finally get to have Eleven and the gang back in our lives.CJ can continue to date her, but no further mention of the heist occurs.

’ ” Brown, 13, tells the publication in her October cover interview.“I’ve never forgotten it, because it was so intuitive,” executive producer Shawn Levy tells about the deep stare Brown gives to cameras throughout the show.“That this little person had such fierce power — that’s what took me aback.Audiences recall that in the season 1 finale, Brown’s Eleven locked lips with best friend Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard).And in the season 2 finale, the duo shared a second kiss during the school’s Snow Ball dance.

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