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He’ll be there late because WWE needs to preserve his fearsome reputation. Seth Rollins: Our interviewee will be the star of the match, because he can pull off moves that none of the other wrestlers in this match, except maybe Ziggler, can do.Plus, in a match full of behemoths, a smaller, more athletic performer like Rollins has real value. Listen, it’s a solid bet that Team Authority will lose.When I watched you coming up through FCW, I didn’t expect WWE to position you as a bad guy — at least not so soon. It’s cool that people who watched me for a long time are surprised at how good I am at it, but I take pride in that. But most of the time I was on the fan-favorite side — Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold and Bret Hart. There’s this new video game coming out, and there’s going to be a bunch of young boys pitting Seth Rollins against those legends. But when I get time to myself I plop down on the bed or couch and play.I enjoy the process of jumping in a different pair of shoes from time to time. One guy who always transcended both sides of the fence for me was Shawn Michaels. When he split from Marty Jannetty, I picked him over Marty right from the get-go, even when I was a young boy. I’m really looking forward to , so it’ll be sweet to see how it handles and what new stuff they have in there.

I fantasy-booked Fandango on the podcast a few weeks back — make him a badass who hates his old character so much that he comes out in plain black tights with no music; he refuses to say his name and just brutalizes opponents. They could announce Rose as Fandango’s opponent, then have Fandango’s music hit, and the Bunny reveals himself to be Fandango, and … I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope the Bunny is Justin Gabriel.Brock Lesnar, your champion in self-imposed exile; won’t be there, but it’s fun to imagine. Dolph Ziggler: Dolph will either be first out or the last man standing, much like Bam Bam Bigelow in 1987. Expect a couple WMD punches, a chest slap or two, and then all the big bads teaming up to take him out with a cool-looking spot. Rusev: The Bulgarian villain doesn’t have a specific role (or rivalry) in this match, but WWE needs to keep him looking strong, so it’s hard to predict what he’ll do.I’m going to put him here just so I won’t be disappointed (and try to reverse-jinx it). Mark Henry: WWE hasn’t given him much screen time since his heel turn, and his match with Big Show next month will be waiting for him regardless, so I’m not expecting much from the erstwhile American hero. (tie) Luke Harper and Erick Rowan: After their stare-down on Monday, I’m expecting these two to brawl out of the ring for a double count-out, setting up a real two-hoss slobberknocker for next month’s event. Kane: I wish I had something interesting to write about Kane. If I have to guess, I’d say Rusev will last late into the match before he bails to allow the Cena-Authority feud to play out in the spotlight. Ryback: Several months on the disabled list have been a godsend for the Big Guy, who rebounded from tag-team futility to the main event just by virtue of his absence (and other stars being out with injuries).Cesaro, teased as a member of Team Cena before yukking it up with Team Authority; subsequently pledged neutrality, like the Swiss hero he is.Roman Reigns, seemingly ready to come back (see the Seth Rollins interview, above); might be there on Sunday, if for no other reason than to eliminate Rollins. Big Show: Show has gotten more time in the spotlight than his old buddy Mark Henry, but his future probably won’t be any more surprising.

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