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is a dating website that caters to plus size singles.

But I, and countless others, can attest that it is still possible to lead a normal life with herpes. Herpes will not stand in the way of your love life.Today, the site sports a chic UI that is easy to use.Despite the fact that the design of this site is still quite minimalistic, it manages to pack in a lot of useful search and communication options.The next time you feel the pressure or desire to have unprotected sex, keep in mind that you are putting your partner at risk for catching herpes (not to mention any other disease you may not know you have).Conversely, you are also putting yourself at risk for getting any disease your partner has (you know, the ones you previously breathed a sigh of relief upon finding out you didn’t have). It has changed my perspective on sex and health, and has forced me to change many negative behaviors.

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