Scrabble app not updating

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That's why opening the game in another browser solves the problem 90% of the time.

If you need a different browser, here's where you can download them.

They are all free, of course: Where to Download Browsers: Did you know?

You can view flash content (including games) on i Pads, other tablets, and smart phones, using the free Puffin browser.

When I asked him why, he said that he is at his wit’s end with the new Scrabble app.

Well I can understand that, because lately the app often leaves you high and dry. Many users complain about technical problems and errors.

Note: If you have the Google Chrome keyboard issue, please let me know about it. If you've followed the troubleshooting steps above but still think a game is broken, please report it to me through the form on my Contact Me page.

Here’s an overview: It was in October or November that my Scrabble app was automatically updated. Here are the three things that annoy me most: Apparently I have not experienced the whole range of problems with the new app in my online Scrabble games.

I looked around in online Scrabble forums and noticed that many users of the free and also of the paid version of the app post complaints.

It has allowed me to make many friends around the world.

But some weeks ago I had to wait extraordinarily long for my brother’s next Scrabble move.

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