Singapore largest singles personals dating circle

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As more Singaporeans embrace dating apps, perhaps society as a whole will meet and interact more with different segments.Instead of mingling within the same social groups, Singaporeans who use such apps may meet people with diverse education levels, across job industries and social backgrounds.

Photos where the individual is smiling, and photos in which he or she is engaged in an outdoor activity such as cycling or diving tend to be more popular.For those who meet their other halves outside of a dating app, it seems location and convenience of meeting people where we spend the most amount of time is still king.87 per cent of people say they met their partner either through friends or at school or work.But on dating apps, many are also spending time to bond over similar interests, connecting with other like-minded cyclists, foodies or travellers whom they may otherwise never have met given their different social circles.The psyche may be this: That if this guy enjoys the same things I do, then he can’t be half bad, and he probably isn’t boring.

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