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read the Bliss leaflet down load or ring for a paper copy.It's amazing and what got me through the early days. write out the labels ready so when it's silly o clock in the morning you don't have to worry where things are. Also when you have skin to skin that will stimulate you milk.Food is probably not high on your priorities with a Lo born so early but try and make sure you do.Xx Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Ah u was told not to use a pump for the first four days and to express until the nature milk came through. However when speaking to the nicu nurses they said to use the pump and put it on a specific program that encourages colostrum. Also when you have skin to skin that will stimulate you milk.I've expressed tiny amounts so far by hand, the most being 0.5ml.

However the staff were still able to mix it with her milk as she was on such a small amount as was also on Tpn.I spoke to the nurses in charge of dd who helped me with expressing.Best advice is to express every three hours and make sure your eating properly.I wasnt expressing enough and they gave me a piceture of my son as they said this would help or maybe ask them for a screen to try expressing whilst sat with her as this is suppose to help a lot. For the first two or three days you will only express a tiny amount of colostrum. But she was stilll in SCBU and I was too ill to go to bf her so I had to express in hospital for a while.Your mature milk will come in about 3 to 5 days after baby is born and then you will be able to express much, much more. For the first couple of days I only got teeny tiny amounts of colostrum.

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