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The free antivirus offered by Bit Defender is a rather different beast from most of the others.Rather than offering a slimmed down version of its commercial product, such as Bit Defender Internet Security 2015, the Free Edition operates with a smaller, more discreet interface which pops up from the taskbar when you click the Bit Defender icon.Bitdefender is the second free AV to use the same engine as the equivalent commercial product which has scored 18.0/18.0 in AV-Test’s evaluation. Under Protection, the software scored 100 percent over each of the two months of testing and in both the widespread and zero-day malware categories.

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There’s a fair degree of justification for this trust, as it scores remarkably well when tested.

This is a small grey panel with sub-panels for the key features of Virus Shield, Auto Scan and My Bit Defender.

They provide only switches to turn them on or off, no parameters to set or stats to display.

As far as we can see, there’s no way to instigate a full or quick scan; you have to leave it to the automated protection features of the product to scan what it needs when it needs to.

You can start a scan of specific files or folders from the Bit Defender option in file menus, but again the progress of such a scan is shown only by the slowly changing border colour for the On Demand Scanner sub-panel which pops up.

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