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[49] The Areopagus kept its power as Guardian of the Laws , which probably gave the Areopagos the power to intervene and to apply a veto if the Council of 500 or the Assembly or any magistrate acted or proposed to act unconstitutionally , however this worked in practice.

Selection by lot (sortition / allotment)[edit] The use of a lottery to select officeholders was regarded as the most democratic means: elections would favour those who were rich, noble, eloquent and well-known, while allotment spread the work of administration throughout the whole citizen body, engaging them in the crucial democratic experience of, to use Aristotle s words, ruling and being ruled in turn (Politics 1317b28–30).

Since the Areopagus was made up of ex-archons, this would eventually mean the weakening of the hold of the nobles there as well greekc sex chat. And they too could be removed from office at any time that the assembly met.

[7] A major contribution to democracy was Solon s setting up of an Ecclesia or Assembly, which was open to all male citizens.

The institutions sketched above – assembly, officeholders, council, courts – are incomplete without the figure that drove the whole system, Ho boulomenos, he who wishes, or anyone who wishes.

dike (δίκη) or private suit, and a larger kind known as graphe or public suit.

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