Veronica dating game

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Do be aware that fans like to exaggerate potential relationships; Shipping would not exist without it.As a result there are likely to be multiple instances of an Official Couple (vindicated by Word of God) that has some sort of Fanon-based "romantic rival" mirroring this trope.Usually, the hero would spend the story chasing Veronica only to realize that Betty was The One — complete with a convenient "appreciate what you've got" or True Beauty Is on the Inside Aesop.(In extreme but fairly frequent cases, he would learn that Veronica was in fact his illegitimate half-sister.) A Proud Beauty Veronica often discovered, in the end, that she set her standards too high or overestimated how long her beauty would last, and finds herself an Old Maid.Veronica doesn’t go to the authorities, because she knows they won’t help her get justice.

Let's just say, this thrusted me into quite a stretching yet transformative journey.

Even shows without such romantic entanglements in-universe can inspire Betty/Veronica debates amongst the Fandom; hence, Mary Ann/Ginger, Bailey/Jennifer, Janet/Chrissy, Velma/Daphne, etc.

A very small number of these scenarios, particularly in more recent times or exotic settings, the conflict may be resolved by the triangle becoming a One True Threesome or a Marry Them All ending. See also Betty and Veronica Switch, where the presumed Betty and Veronica somehow switch roles.

” Veronica is more direct, “Let me make this simple so that your preppy murderer half-brain can grasp it: take this (the photoshopped sticky maple pic) the hell down.” Chuck digs deep into misogyiny and toxic masculinity, smirking, “That high-tone, bitch attitude might have worked with the Betas you dated in New York, but you’re on bulldog territory.” He then actually barks at her. You’ll only make it harder on yourself.” Note: Chuck says something super rapey in front of the entire football team, , and they say nothing. Men benefitting from the school’s system—be it Principal Weatherby, Chuck, or even her friend Archie—won’t help her get justice. “One day last year,” the nervous redhead explains, “Chuck and I talked in the library for ten minutes. And then he—or one of his goons—wrote “sloppy seconds” on my locker.” Trembling, Ethel admits, “They’re ruining our lives.

And to them, it’s just a game.” Ethel dresses conservatively. She never sought out his attention, or any attention. With this arc Riverdale draws a clear parallel between slut shaming and rape.

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