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**Between Women, group of women in Altanta struggle with finding love.

**BJ Fletcher: Private Eye, popular Canadian detective web series now attempting to make the transition to television.

This is a list of original web series — most of them “scripted” — focused on gay and lesbian stories and characters.

Please email suggestions of series to aj (at) ajchristian (dot) org.

TV’s ‘s narrator, Chadwick Williams, in the beginning of his research into men who lead double lives. Cowgirl Up, webseries focuses on an exclusive Women Only dude ranch in the La Quinta desert area of Southern California.

Fueled by a hidden painful past, Chadwick interviews various men who have answered his classified ads and takes us on a deeper journey into the DL, as he tries to right his past.” Cherry Bomb, **Chloe, hilarious satire of Chloë Sevigny. Women from all over the country leave their lives, relationships and jobs behind, to put on their cowboy boots and hats for a weekend of ranch life and friendly competition.” From the producers of , which is about three gay men trying to make it as actors and singers, is just one of several shows aimed at the underserved black gay and lesbian markets online.

Notable series, or personal favorites, are starred.** (There are great unstarred ones as well — I’m only one person! **The 3 Bits, siblings — Henry, Madison and Roman — get into misadventures in New York.

Henry’s story is a gay sex comedy; Roman’s a lesbian crime drama; and Madison’s a “mommy blog on crack.” Created by Max Freeman and Margaret Singer, featuring Cole Escola.

It takes the relationship drama of ‘s documentary style to relay its zany humor as organically as possible. Gay Nerds, Top Gun, This riff of the Tom Cruise flick is a comedy about a post-“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” school for gay pilots.

**The Hinterlands, Houseboy, campy gay soap opera is a self-professed guilty pleasure.

It has lots of episodes and a second season is reportedly coming soon!

**Brooklyn is for Lovers, self-described “sex comedy served up in wwweb-tastic portions,” this series explores a diverse — lebisan, gay male, black and white — cast of “five loosely connected young people in Brooklyn, NY.” It partakes in the kind of hipsterburg aesthetic of The Burg, but with more sex, and Young American Bodies, but with more funny. Bulk, “raw, sexy, dramatic” web series about the bear community in New York City.

Cat on the Prowl, The Cavanaughs, Chadwick Journals, DLChronicles A prequel to here! Coffee Talk, with My Ex, With My Ex Three ex-couples navigate relationships in New York.

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