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But the Tech Aeris report suggests copresence will do more than what GCM does today.

Based on a source that scanned the latest Google Play Services build, numerous references to copresence were found along with images alluding to peer-to-peer file transfers, similar to how [company]Apple’s[/company] Air Drop works between i OS and OS X.

The casual atmosphere, funky-cool Dynasty-inspired décor, and brightly dressed fruity cocktails invite you to relax and linger over dinner.

The food is all cooked-to-order, no soggy steam-tray stuff, and they have an impressive vegetarian selection.

One of the images in the software appears to be song sharing between an i Phone and an Android device.

Copresence could even be location-based, where the appropriate app could tell you when other friends are nearby and in range for transfers or direct communications.

Google is working on new APIs to support something called “copresence,” but what it might be isn’t yet clear.

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is one of the oldest Colorado Springs online dating services on the Internet and has brought thousands of couples together from the area.

Everything from the spent-grain focaccia to the cheesegasmic Beehive Cheddar soup (made with Beehive Honey Wheat beer) is delicious perfection for the beer aficionado. It's hard to decide between the blondies made with Beehive and drizzled in Beehive caramel and the dense brownies made with dark beer and served with cherry sauce! • Make Friends with a Giraffe - A day at the zoo is a great excuse to hold hands and take a leisurely stroll, maybe stop to cuddle on a shady bench.

At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you also have the opportunity to hand-feed one of the zoo's herd of giraffes!

Update: In a review of the Google Play Services software last month, Android Police noticed the copresence mentions that may correspond to a Google service called Nearby.

Here in The Springs, we've got the very best nature has to offer, and so much more.

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