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For enterprise marketing organizations with distributed teams, it can be a constant challenge.

Finding the right balance between local marketing teams and your global marketing strategy is key to avoiding conflicted messaging and promoting a seamless customer experience.

The Relevancy Ring details the aspirations and hurdles that marketers face; the most desirable vendor features and attributes; and in-depth analysis of several email marketing providers, with a ranking of product features, service capabilities, innovation and customer satisfaction.

To acquire, engage and convert customers via mobile devices, marketers must master mobile marketing best practices, such as developing a mobile list acquisition program and encouraging sign-up by promoting subscription across channels.In diesem Whitepaper finden Sie nützliche Tipps für die Erstellung einer erfolgreichen, strategischen Cross-Channel Marketing Roadmap.Nutzen Sie alle Interaktionspunkte und alle genutzten Kanäle für eine kohärente Kundenerfahrung.Dans ce livre blanc, vous découvrirez comment intégrer l’email, le mobile, le social et le display afin de créer des expériences mémorables et engageantes.Dans ce Ebook, retrouvez tous nos conseils pour intégrer avec pertinence vos collaborateurs IT dans le processus de réflexion marketing – et maximiser ainsi les chances de réussite de votre organisation.

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